Sunday, May 3, 2015

What did Congress have in mind calling for a national day of prayer?


What were the intentions of the founding fathers as they called for the first National Day of Prayer before our nation's birth? Read their actual proclamation made June 12, 1775 (note: an easy-to-read bulleted summary follows):

As the great Governor of the World, by his supreme and universal Providence, not only conducts the course of nature with unerring wisdom and rectitude, but frequently influences the minds of men to serve the wise and gracious purposes of his providential government; and it being, at all times, our indispensible duty devoutly to acknowledge his superintending providence, especially in times of impending danger and public calamity, to reverence and adore his immutable justice as well as to implore his merciful interposition for our deliverance:

This Congress, therefore, considering the present critical, alarming and calamitous state of these colonies, do earnestly recommend that Thursday, the 20th day of July next, be observed, by the inhabitants of all the English colonies on this continent, as a day of public humiliation, fasting and prayer; that we may, with united hearts and voices, unfeignedly confess and deplore our many sins; and offer up our joint supplications to the all-wise, omnipotent, and merciful Disposer of all events; humbly beseeching him to forgive our iniquities, to remove our present calamities, to avert those desolating judgments, with which we are threatened, and to bless our rightful sovereign, King George the third, and [to] inspire him with wisdom to discern and pursue the true interest of all his subjects, that a speedy end may be put to the civil discord between Great Britain and the American colonies, without farther effusion of blood: And that the British nation may be influenced to regard the things that belong to her peace, before they are hid from her eyes: That these colonies may be ever under the care and protection of a kind Providence, and be prospered in all their interests; That the divine blessing may descend and rest upon all our civil rulers, and upon the representatives of the people, in their several assemblies and conventions, that they may be directed to wise and effectual measures for preserving the union, and securing the just rights and priviledges of the colonies; That virtue and true religion may revive and flourish throughout our land; And that all America may soon behold a gracious interposition of Heaven, for the redress of her many grievances, the restoration of her invaded rights, a reconcilation with the parent state, on terms constitutional and honorable to both; And that her civil and religious privileges may be secured to the latest posterity.

And it is recommended to Christians, of all denominations, to assemble for public worship, and to abstain from servile labour and recreations on said day.

June 12, 1775

That was wordy and used formal language, so I simplified the following highlights:

  1. God was acknowledged as the Governor over all.
  2. God was noted to influence people to serve His purposes in government.
  3. Congress recognized the duty of all to acknowledge God's sovereignty, especially in times of danger and tragedies.
  4. It was also noted as the duty of all to reverence and adore God's never changing justice and ask for His merciful deliverance.
  5. Congress established a certain Thursday in May for all the inhabitants of the English colonies to humble themselves with fasting and prayer.
  6. The people were called to come together and make sincere confessions of their many sins.
  7. The people were asked to unite in prayer to God, ask for His forgiveness, and that He would remove their troubles and keep them from judgements and threats.
  8. The Congress magnanimously asked God to bless their "rightful sovereign, King George the third." This was especially notable because the proclamation was made after the Revolutionary War had already begun.
  9. The people were encouraged to pray for God's protection and care as well as for prosperity and blessing.
  10. The people were directed to pray for rest for all the civil leaders and representatives wherever they gathered.
  11. The people were asked to pray the union would be preserved and the rights of the colonists would be preserved.
  12. The people were asked to pray that "virtue and true religion may revive and flourish throughout our land." 
  13. It was recommended that Christians of all denominations gather to assemble for public worship. 
Wouldn't it be an amazing thing if our 114th Congress were to make a proclamation as bold as our founding fathers?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Uncle Sam Needs You!

Each year about this time, National Day of Prayer articles and invitations disseminate across the land. They serve their purpose. I’ve written many of them; however, I believe this year it is critical the people of God look beyond history and event planning and address the incredible need of the hour.
1)  Our government is in a mess, and
2)  We are mandated by the Word of God to pray for our leaders.
“I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone–for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness” (I Timothy 2:1-2, NIV)
In Paul’s charge to his son in the faith, his first directive was to urge him to pray and give thanks for everyone, specifically those in authority. I heard someone say there is only one kind of leader – an imperfect one. Both the godly and the godless are in need of divine guidance as they serve in their positions. Regardless of political affiliations and stands on issues dear to our hearts, we must detach ourselves from our agendas and ask the Lord for His heart. It is then we will know how to pray effectively His will on earth as it is in heaven. 
Notice the relationship in the verse between prayer and the end result: peace and holiness in the land. Could prayer for our leaders be the missing element to peace and holiness in America? If Christians could grasp the significance of the call, I believe we would not only be compelled to pray, but to reach out and encourage our leaders in other ways as well.
Thursday, May 1, 2014, millions will gather to pray across the nation, not only for our government, but also for military, media, businesses, schools, families and churches. To find a Christian event in your area, visit After you pray, I hope you will take the time to contact your representatives and public officers and let them know you prayed for them and will continue to ask God’s blessings upon them and their families as they serve.

Lori Wagner
Previous Michigan State Coordinator for the National Day of Prayer

P.S. Thank you, Eric Moore, of Culture of Honor, for imparting your insight and passion on praying for and connecting with our leaders.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Choose to See the Good

I’m not a phenomenal lyricist, but I wrote a simple song a long time ago. Why? Because the Lord was dealing with me about something—the result of a conflict—harsh words spoken to me about someone else that stirred me up.

This is the chorus:

I choose to see the good in you,
Please see the good in me.
We each have faults and imperfections of our own.
But I’ll choose to see the good in you,
Please see the good in me.
We’re all just people on our way to meet the Lord.

With the prolific advances of social media—through which we have constant access to “see” so much, I pray the Lord will help me with this. In posts, tweets and pictures there is both good and not-so-good to be seen. What we focus on is our choice. And may our own offerings be uplifting, encouraging, inspiring.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


I can't believe it's finally finished! Buttercup, the second book in The Briar Hollow Series, will be available the end of next month.

Penny Coldwell’s life is peaceful . . .
until she meets Logan Mayfield.

When Penny Coldwell first meets Logan Mayfield, their encounter is anything but pleasant. Her brother’s accident forces the Coldwell family to hire a hand on their horse farm, and Penny finds herself in daily contact with the insolent man.

From the comfort of an affluent Connecticut family, forced by tragedy to muck out stables in rural Kentucky, Logan’s life is turned upside down by the loss of his father and his family’s fortune.

In town, Penny witnesses a heist gone wrong. She wakes from a faint to find herself in Logan’s arms. Haunted by memories of the attacker, Penny believes she has seen the man before but can’t quite place him. At the crux of Harley Crawford’s return to Briar Hollow is his plan to abduct the blue-eyed beauty who captured his imagination at last year’s fair and secret her away to another state. Will Logan’s newfound faith be enough to help him protect Penny from Harley’s scheme?

Buttercup is the second book in The Briar Hollow Series; heartwarming historical fiction that evokes the world of frontier life in Kentucky. Tender and humorous, the book’s inimitable characters will take on lives of their own when you join them in Briar Hollow.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bachik, the Birthday Kiss

Today I ran across a nice article on my Armenian-English children's picture book: Bachik, the Birthday Kiss.

I love this book and all the great memories that inspired me to write it.

[Click here] to be redirected to the Armenian Weekly.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hmmm . . . How can I quickly catch you up on the last few months?

They've certainly been busy, but here are the highlights:

One of the reasons I've been quiet on here is because I picked up an internship at the Oakland County Republican Party. I was praying about how to be involved in the important elections this year and felt directed to work for the entire party instead of on one particular campaign. It's been a great experience so far. Please do register to vote . . . and vote your Christian values!

In July, I spoke at the Colorado District Ladies Retreat. It was an incredible time with many wonderful people, including the one and only Vesta Mangun! I love Colorado!

Also in July, Jr. High Camp and Sr. High Camp in Marshall, Michigan. Fun time . . . did everything from helping with registration, speaking to girls and making smoothies for after-service concessions.

In August, I was re-elected to a fourth term as a Republican Precinct Delegate in my community and participated in our County Convention. I was honored to lead the invocation at the event where I was also elected to serve as a delegate to the State Convention that took place in Grand Rapids this month. It is an honor to participate in our government, even at the lowest grass roots level. For more info on political stuff, feel free to visit my blog at:

What a blessing to attend the Birth Choice Benefit and meet Rick Santorum. Followed by helping with two Woodward Dream Cruise events. Lots of fun, but lots of work!

This past weekend I was privileged to speak at my first Esther Conference in lovely Charleston, West Virginia. Had a great time with the girls, their leaders and moms. I love what I do! God is good to me!

Heading to my home-sweet-home this weekend to minister in Paducah, Kentucky. I can't wait! It's going to be a great time in service, and I get to see my momma and sisters, too!

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hello, my friends! 

It seems like long ago, but less than two months have passed since the National Day of Prayer. It certainly was a HUMONGOUS-GIANTIFICAL day in Michigan and across our great nation. If you'd like to see a short clip of the event, click on the picture. 

If you're on Facebook, [CLICK HERE] for a great slideshow of the event.

After a deep breath and some of the NDP fog cleared from my brain and calendar, I began thinking and praying about where to invest my time most effectively in the upcoming elections. Of course, I'll be participating in prayer and special prayer events (including a trip to Washington, DC, this fall); but I felt I needed to do more. That's why I decided to accept a part-time internship with the Oakland County Republican Party ( 

I believe Christians need to be engaged and make our voices heard while we still have the right to speak, worship and freely assemble. With that in mind, I also began a new blog (, because there is a need at times to delineate between spiritual and political activities . . . although I will say that my deep spiritual convictions are what compel me to be involved politically. I am also running for a fourth term as a Republican Precinct Delegate. 

My first trip to Montana was wonderful. It was such a blessing to be with the ladies of the Rocky Mountain District and speak at their annual ladies conference . . . and it was doubly nice to be with Sis. Gwyn Oakes, our Ladies Ministries President. It's a peaceful place beneath her leadership.

I'm excited about some newly scheduled upcoming events: 
7/18  - Marshall, Michigan - Senior High Camp Session
11/30-12/2 - Bethel, Alaska - Ladies Conference

For a list of all upcoming events, look in the right-hand column of this page.

Also new since my last post:

  • I received my ministerial credentials! 
  • New Beginnings asked me to be an Ambassador for their ministry, and I accepted!
  • The completed manuscript of Unmasked, the third book in the Pure Path series was turned in one day before deadline!
I am working now on the much requested sequel to The Rose of Sharon. The title is Buttercup, and I hope to have it out by General Conference.

If you're not on the newsletter mailing, send me your email address to, and I'll add you to the mailing list for this FREE resource. There's going to be a contest and special promotion coming up soon you may be interested in.

Well, that's enough for now! I appreciate your time and friendship more than you know! Many blessings.